Experience Breathtaking Aerial Shots

At “Best-Presented”, we are passionate about capturing breathtaking images of hotels and resorts from a unique perspective. With our state-of-the-art drones, we offer a new dimension of visual storytelling that highlights the beauty and grandeur of your property. Whether you’re showcasing your latest renovation or attracting guests to your destination, our hotel drone photography will take your marketing efforts to new heights. So, let us show you what we can do for your property – contact us today!”

What We Do

  • Aerial shots of the entire property and surrounding area
  • Exterior and interior views of buildings and structures
  • Landscaping and outdoor amenities
  • Pool and beach areas
  • Views from various heights and angles
  • Virtual tours and 360-degree panoramas
  • Room and suite interiors
  • Wedding and event spaces
  • Highlighting unique features, like rooftop bar or garden
  • Marketing and promotional videos and images.

What We Consider

  • Obtaining necessary permits and insurance for drone
  • Following local and federal laws and regulations
  • Conducting site surveys and risk assessments
  • Maintaining clear communication with hotel staff
  • Keeping the drone in sight at all times and
  • Having a backup plan for emergency landings
  • Avoiding flight over restricted or densely populated areas
  • Monitoring weather and avoiding flying in adverse weather
  • Making sure all images and videos captured comply with privacy laws and regulations.

Soaring Above the Rest: Our Drone Portfolio