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Our Past Partners

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Our Accomplishments in Past Projects


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

One of the last real retreats for wildlife. We got invited for 18 incredible days on two luxury yachts of Royal Galapagos. The superior guest experience is what we were able to capture by photo and video.

Sailing around the large archipelago with naturalist guide and everyday full of activities such as dinghy boat rides through mangroves, snorkeling with turtles and sharks, walking across lava formations and observing a stunning variety of endemic wildlife.


“It was amazing working with you guys, you have great creativity and the footage you gave us is just WOW!!!
Great job and an unforgetable experience, I hope to see you again soon.”

– César Céspedes, Royal Galapagos 

Eco-Hotel Pensión Alemana   

Cusco, Peru.

On top of the old town of Cusco with the typcial cobblestone streets you have a beautiful view over the roofs of Cusco from the Eco-Hotel Pensión Alemana. We got invited to stay here over Christmas and to create updated photos from all the rooms and facilities. The main plaza was only 5 min walking distance away so we also had the chance to capture all the important sights for our customer for their website presentation and booking platforms. 


“Thank you very much Sammy and Leon for your outstanding work. Everything went perfect and the coordination with you was always easy.
You are 100% recommendable! Thank again and we hope you’ll be back in Cusco”

– Jose Vallejo, Marketing Manager Eco-Hotel Pensión Alemana

Crazy Cars

Porec, Croatia.

The Crazy Cars Stuntshow is a visual spectacle which otherwise you have to see in action movies. A breathtaking experience with unique vehicles on four, three and two wheels. A fast-paced live show for young and old visitors in a dynamic way presented. Every year the event amazes thousands of locals and tourists on the coast of Croatia.

We helped here during the peak season with content creation and social media management.


“Precision, speed and professional work during the most extreme situations in our stunt show proove the quality of Sammy and Leon.
They helped us to fascinate over a million viewers online and to fill the events with thousands of people.”

– Willy Sliva, Founder Crazy Cars

Cucuve Suites

Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands.

This beautiful hotel in the main town of the island Santa Cruz with the largest population of the Galapagos, is owned by a family who is originally from Switzerland and part of the first inhabitants here. Being the first to live in these beautiful islands, they participated in the early development of the community and population of Galapagos Islands. The archipelago became one of the most important tourist destinations in the world due to its beauty, wealth and great research done at the site.

We had some wonderful days on the island Santa Cruz and a very warm and familiar stay in the oceanfront Cucuve Suite, where endemic lava iguanas and sea lions took a sunbath right next to us in the garden with the ocean view.


“Leon and Sammy are excellent as good persons as good professionals,
we are grateful to have hosted and worked with them, completely recommended their services.”

– Ana Isabel Villacrés, Hotel Cucuve Suites


Cusco, Peru.

The most expensive textile in the world: Vicuna wool. The luxury fashion brand with the same name invited us for a photo shooting to present their newest collection.

The Vicuña is the smallest of the South American camelids and is one of the two species which are wild; the other is the Guanaco. It has a complex social structure and inhabits the Andean steppes at altitudes of over 4,000 meters (13,100 feet) above sea level.

The Vicuña’s extremely fine fiber, which for thousands of years has been so highly regarded by the Andean cultures, was used exclusively to clothe royalty. In the sixteenth century, when the Spaniards arrived in Tahuantinsuyo, as the Inca Empire was called, there were more than two million Vicuñas in existence. They were the object of great veneration and were very well protected since the Inca emperor, child of the Sun, dressed only with the most elaborate garments of Vicuña, and he would use them only once


“We usually hire models from agencies to present our fashion. When you called us to propose this collaboration, we were thinking: why haven’t we thought about this before? A totally new approach of connecting travelers, our products and our customers together. This project was a win-win and of great value for our company. Thank you so much and hope to see you again!”

– Emmanuel Sanchez Vazquez,  Marketing Management Vicuna”

Amazon Explorama Lodge

Iquitos, Peru.

We got invited to stay and experience 14 wonderful days in the middle of the Amazonas Rainforest. What an exciting collaboration with Amazon Explorama Lodges! Being on of the first pioneers for high end tourism in this region,

Explorama has today 4 locations in the beautiful nature of the Preuvian rainforest. Ceiba Tops Lodge, which was our main accomodation and which is the most luxury  Amazonian Rainforest Lodge in the region. They have two more rainforest lodges called Explornapo and Explorama Lodge which serve to experience the rainforest in a more authentic way. Additionally there is the Amazon Conservatory of tropical studies which provides a research station for scientists including a 500m long canopy walkway.

With small groups and private professional naturalist guides we had the chance to experience the amazing nature and wildlife of one of the last retreats of this planet.


“Our naturalist guide Paul and other staff members from the Ceiba Tops Lodge only reported the most positive feedback about the time spent together with you. The marketing department received the material on the same day of your departure and will start uploading the beautiful content to the website these days. Great quality and speed. Thanks again! Let’s stay in touch for the future. “

– Marisol Videra, General Management Exporama

Natura Vive

Sacred Valley, Peru.

We were invited to capture this incredible experience and mastered this challenging photo shoot in scary heights. 

Natura Vive, or better know as Skylodge Adventure Suites has come up with a very special concept of combining extreme emotions with a unique accomodation. Have you ever wanted to sleep in a condor’s nest? Here is the next best thing!

Transparent luxury capsules that hang from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley Peru. An extraordinary hotel above a 400m vertical wall. Special capsules hanging from the rocks can only be reached by climbing up the via ferrata which is shown on the photos. On the way back one must pass ten zip lines, of which the largest measures 700 meters. 

Dinopark Funtana

Funtana, Croatia.

Dinopark Funtana is a fantastic destination for an exciting and authentic family day trip. Located in the very heart of Istria, only couple of minutes from Poreč, Dinopark is the first and the largest theme park in Croatia.

One of many attractions is a 1000 seat Show Arena where you can see various artists and acrobats perform twice daily in a Variate Jurrasic Show. Outside under the shade of natural forest you can experience different adrenalin rides – the Dragon Coaster fast train, pirate ship Tortuga and Fly Coaster carousel or join a Fossil Safari digging site and become a paleontologist for a day.

During the peak season we work here to manage the park’s total of 35 employees with all the processes and projects as well as content creation for the social media channels and marketing efforts. There is nowhere better to learn about tourism than in a theme park for tourists.  


“German efficiency in Croatia! Leon and Sammy arrived with a plan, set things up after a quick meeting and filmed for a few hours all the necessary videos. In the night the showed us the first preview of the final cut and on the next day it was done! These guys know how to work! We totally recommend a collaboration.”

Luiza Milanovic, Marketing and Sales – Dinopark Funtana

Sol Alpaca

Machu Picchu, Peru.

What could be a better location, than one of the world’s new seven world wonders? We chose this incredible sight of the Inca ruins on top of the holy mountain Machu Picchu to put the Peruvian fashion label Sol Alpaca into the right light. They have a large variety of regional designer products from Alpaca wool. What an experience to connect the traditional fabric and modern fashion with the roots of the local culture. 

Weezie's Ocean Front Hotel

Caye Caulker, Belize.

We spend ten beautiful days in paradise. Caye Caulker is a Carribean island from Belize in the Gulf of Mexico. For our customer Weezie’s Ocean Front Hotel, we created photos for their website presentation as well as for their booking portals and partnering agencies.


“I was positively surprised about Samantha and Leon’s huge potential of creativity, their equipment with cutting edge technology and also about their proactive consultancy for the best of our hotel. I sincerely recommend any hotel owner to invest in a collaboration with them.”

– Tom Sullivan, Owner Weezies Caye Caulker

Acacia Galapagos Boutique Hotel

Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands.

Located at the hill of Floreana Street, one block away from the fish market and the colorful Charles Darwin Street. Acacia Galápagos Boutique Hotel was created to satisfy experienced and demanding travelers´ needs. Personalization and high service standards are Acacia´s signature.

The young and modern hotel invited us for some days to stay in the charming town of the Galapagos Islands. We had the chance to capture unique drone footage from unseen perspectives, to create a promotional video which the hotel now uses for it’s website and partnering booking agencies. Furthermore we created a virtual walk through which enables potential guests to gain insights about the expected facilities.


“Thank you both for helping us get professional photos and videos of the Acacia Hotel. I appreciate your professionalism, your flexibility and the quality of the final work. We will definitively recommend your services to our partners and supporters.”

– Roberto Villamarín Alvarez, Marketing Manager Acacia Galapagos Boutique Hotel

Muru Homely Hotel Cusco

Cusco, Peru.

We got invited to this brand new hotel in the middle of Cusco over New Years Eve to visualize the cozy ambience and their new hotel rooms. After handing out the content the hotel owner was so happy the she invited us for another period of time to extend the collaboration and create even more photos for the company.

Cusco is the gate to Peru’s number one tourist attraction Machu Picchu and attracts around 1.5 million tourist every year. 


“Leon and Sammy were extremely professional, the content they created for our property was incredible and of great quality.
Definitely it was the best decision to collaborate with them, we highly recommend other business to collaborate with them.”

– Gabriela Moscoso Chavez, Hotel Management Muru Homely Hotel

Amazon Rainforest Lodge

Amazon Rainforest near Iquitos, Peru.

It takes a 45 min boat drive across the Amazon river and through a labyrinth of its tributaries passing the wild rainforest until one arrives to the Amazon Rainforest Lodge. This unique place provides an income for the indigenous tribe nearby and provides it’s visitors deep insights into the nature and culture of this distant place.

We got invited to stay one week to capture the customer experience and upgrade their media presentation with exciting drone footage and professional photos. 


“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fabulous photos and videos of the lodge. The DRONE videos are spectacular!
I especially love the photos of the stars. It’s the first time I have seen photos of the stars at the lodge.
And the river photos overlooking the entrance are amazing. Anyway, thanks again and enjoy the rest of your stay in Peru.”

– Peter Schneider, Owner Amazon Rainforest Lodge

Jukil del los Andes

Salt flats near Uyuni, Bolivia.

This is the largest salt flat in the world: Salar de Uyuni spans more than 4,086 mi sq (10,582 km sq). During the region’s rainy reason, the salt flats gets covered by a layer of clear water, creating the illusion of a giant natural mirror. Visitors feel as if they are walking on the sky! The best way to discover this true wonder of nature is by private driver in a 4×4 vehicle. 

We got invited to have this amazing private day tour as well as a private sunrise tour with Jukil de los Andes. What a magic experience! Nobody else was around us until the end of the horizon and we were so incredibly lucky with the weather. The night before it was raining a lot and the next day we could enjoy a sunny desert covered with water for this popular reflection of the sky. 


“We loved absolutely everything about this collaboration! From the first contact, to the personal meeting, over the experience together with our driver until the fast handover of the material – Leon and Sammy worked always super friendly and professional. Muchísimas gracias for this wonderful content!”

– Carolina Villareal, Jukil de los Andes 

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    Ready to elevate your hotel’s visual presence? Let’s work together to create a stunning project that captures the unique essence of your property. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions, discuss your vision, and provide a customized quote for your project. Don’t wait, get in touch with us today and let’s start telling your hotel’s story in the most beautiful and impactful way possible.